lm8uu Bearing

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8mm Bearing/Bushing LM8UU Linear MotionLM8UU Linear Motion Ball Bushing works with a 8mm Shafts, the inner Diameter is 8mm, the outer Diameter is 15mm and the Length is 24mm.Bearing has Linear Ball Bearing - 8mm diameter [LM8UU] ID: 1181 - $2.95This linear ball bearing is sort of the opposite of the radial ball bearings you may be familiar with. Its intended to slide along an 8mm linear shaft, rather than rotate around it.  These are very basic bearings, they're meant for a stepper-motion controlled setup so they're not 
Easy RepRap - 12 LM8UU Linear Bearings for  Pretty hit-or-miss in terms of how many of them will suddenly start feeling like they're full of sand. I slid one along a hardened, chrome steel guide rod one day 3D Printer Solid Polymer LM8UU Bearing 8mm  10 Pieces Igus Drylin RJ4JP-01-08 Prusa i3 Mk2s Prusa i3 Mk3 Anet A8 Prusa i3 3D Printer RepRap LM8UU Bearing X-Y-Z Axis replacement.  JIWINNER 12 pcs LM8UU Linear Bearings for 3D Printer.  Pack of 7 High Quality RJ4JP-01-08 Sold polymer Linear bearing a direct replacement for the LM8UU Linear Bearing - ZYLtech Engineering, LLCJan 20, 2019 - LM8UU Linear Bearing  8mm Hardened Shafts Rod kit w/ 4x support bearings - 300mm or 400mm  ZYLtech SBR16UU Bearing Block. $4.95Where to get quality lm8uu linear bearings - RepRapWhere is the best place for me to get some quality lm8uu linear bearings. The cheap eBay Chinese ones I have used have already started to