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1-CORE Technologies -

FPGA and ASIC design services provider

Inprodev Solutions -

All services include product visualization, concept-refinement, engineering plan, prototyping, design, implementation, and maintenance. We also help in migrate existing products to new technologies and platforms.

Latest News -

ITVarNews is India's largest Information Technology news portal dedicated to providing computer technology industry resources to IT Channel Partners.

Latest Phones News And Cell Phones Reviews -

Read he latest cell phone news and reviews. View the newest mobil phones, smartphones and latest gadgets on

Liquid Nitrogen Container -

The Product Range consists of instruments such as Flame Photometer, Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Photo Colorimeter, Leak Test Apparatus, Friability Test Apparatus, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Water Distillation Unit, Colony Counters, Potentiometer, Water & Soil Analysis Kit, pH Meters, Spectrophotometer,Conductivity Meter, Photo colorimeter .

Protect Against EMF -

Provides EMF protection devices that protect you from cell phone and computer radiation.