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4 Alternatives - We Saved 75% of Energy -

We save until 75% of its power consumption, we are specialise in greenhouses, mini electrical turbines of air, solar paddles, water recycling, biomass and more.

alternative energy solutions and products -

We offer alternative energy solutions and products, such as: solar panels, wind turbines, radiant barrier, solar attic fans and more.

An Overview of Alternative Energy -

Alternative Energy Primer provides an great overview of all forms of alternative energy in one place. It provides in depth yet easy to understand information on wind, solar, hydro, biomass and other forms of alternative energy.

biofuel -

Comprehensive guide to Biofuels. Learn about Ethanol and Biodiesel - environment-friendly, and renewable sources of energy.

Create Your Own Electricity -

Create your own solar or wind energy and save thousands. Detailed videos and instructions on how to create your own system at home. Review several programs at Alternative Green Energy.

diy solar panels -

Information outlining important aspects of using solar panels and wind turbines to power your home. Read customer reviews of the top do-it-yourself solar panel guides on the market.

DIY Solar Power Articles -

Learn how to build a solar panel and make wind power backup systems. The step-by-step instructions to make solar panel and create wind power generator are simple and affordable.

Fuel Alternative -

A look at Energy Conservation and Fuel and Energy Alternatives including biofuels, nuclear, Wind, Solar Energy including wise use of existing fuel and fuel sources such as petroleum products, coal and shale. Biodiesel and the many ways to produce it.

MPGreen A New Kind Of Fuel Additive -

The MPGreen diesel & gasoline formulas can be used in many different applications, ranging from your car, RV, truck, lawn mower, ATV, JetSki, snow blower, or generator, to the largest boats, & tractor trailers, to reduce emissions & improve efficiency.

renewable electricity -

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Renewable resources -

All about renewable resources, sustainable developement, environmental engineering, green energy, alternative fuels, biofuels, biodiesel, wind power, solar cells, nuclear plants, geothermal, wind farms, ocean power, wawe resources, tokamak fusion, news, trivia, fun, community, events around the world, green games, education and lots more

Solar Installation -

R&N Solar can help consult, design, and install with your ideas and dreams in living a greener lifestyle. For domestic, commercial & industrial solar installation. Melbourne Australia

Solar Power System -

A comprehensive technology resource about solar energy applications. Learn how to make use of the sun's energy with photovoltaic power systems and solar thermal solutions.

Solar Wind Green Energy -

Easy to read articles that share information on solar, wind and green energy. The site also offers simple everyday ideas to save you money while moving towards renewable energy solutions.

Solarmoney All Things Solar -

A one stop source for all things solar, State and Federal information links, DIY home solar information, the cost and benefits of solar energy. Solar Money also has links to the leading suppliers of solar equipment and systems.

Straight Forward Facts about Renewable Energy -

Renewable energy sound great in principle. Endless amounts of low cost, environmentally friendly energy for us to tap into. But what are the facts?

Subsea systems -

Claxton is a global leader in engineering and services for shallow water and jack up environments. We work across the life of the field, from pre-drilling to drilling, production and decommissioning.

Top Energy and Gas Saving Guides -

Making Energy from Home is a website that provides objective reports, including consumer testimonials, on the best home energy and gas saving guides that are sold today.

Wind Power Generators -

By building a home wind turbine and adding solar panels you can produce your own electricity with a very small investment. Anyone can reduce their energy costs and relieve the strain on non renewable resources.

wood pellet stove -

Pellet stoves are the cost-efficient heating alternative for people who have expensive home heating bills.

wood pellets -

Wood Pellets are reliable, cost-effective and environment-friendly source of energy for home heating systems.