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A Mid East Change of Course Israel Palestine -

A Mid East Change of Course is about Israel & the Palestinians. It is time for America to change course in the Mideast regarding the Jews, Israel & Palestine, Israeli nuclear weapons & Jerusalem as much as American money has been spent to support slavery.

Argue With Everyone - Online Debate Forum -

An online political debate forum for people with any political beliefs.

Bandarudattatraya- Andhra Pradesh state BJP party president. -

Bandarudattatraya is the BJP party president of Andhra Pradesh state. He is the famous leader of BJP Andhra Pradesh.

Barack Obama Campaign Lies -

Barack Obama lies about his Muslim faith, Obama lies about NAFTA to voters, join the anti Obama movement and learn what it means to be against Obama. Learn about Obama scandals!

Barack Obama Official website -

All about Barack Obama, Barack Obama On Education, Barack Obama On Technology, Barack Obama On Additional Issues, Barack Obama On History, Barack Obama On Political Caree


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Breaking News, Equality, Health, Womens, Politics -

Breaking news with integrity and equality for everyone, health news, us politics, emergency weather, hotlines, travel photography, political blog, Diane Knaus, womens rights, environmental issues.

Clarion Fund - National Security through Edu. -

Clarion Fund, created in November 2006, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to educate Americans about issues of national security. Our primary focus is on the most urgent threat of radical Islam.

Floridians Unite Orlando Tea Party -

Orlando Tea Party is an Orlando based group developed to support our President and his mission to help the people.

Libertarian Blog -

American Libertarian discusses the Libertarian Philosophy of Personal Freedom, Personal Responsibility & Small Government.

Radical Islam - Understanding the Threat -

At Radical Islam, you will find the information required to gain a better understanding of the threat posed by radical Islam and the tools needed to become part of the solution. Moreover, you will connect to a network of activists & community leaders.

Right To Vote India -

Vote change is a campaign to bring 180 degree change in India politics. We want to make people aware that every single Indian have right to vote. People should use there write to vote to bring the right candidate to power.