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38,500 Sermon Illustrations, Quotes & Jokes -

Create an emotional connection with your audience by sharing from 38,500 inspirational quotes, humor, jokes and sermon illustrations. Dynamic computer program that stores and retrieves inspirational quotes, humor, jokes, and sermon illustrations.

ABC Tracts - Christian Tracts -

We have foreign gospel tracts in English, Tratados En Espanol, Spanish, and Postuguesse with good news for witnessing and evangelism any Christian can give.

Angel Art and Gifts -

A site devoted to angel art and angelic gift ideas. It also features articles about angels and other spiritual topics.

Angels: An Email From The Angels -

Angels speak. Get an email from the Angels. the Angel of comfort, The Angel of prosperity, The Angel of the future and the Angel of America. Free Angels software. -

Visit this website to know about various concepts of Indian astrology and also book your horoscope reading with astrologer Himanshu Shangari through this website.

Astrological Guidance, matrimonial services, color therapy and birthchart anlysis in gurgaon/delhi -

Astrological Guidance, matrimonial services, color therapy and birthchart anlysis in gurgaon/delhi.Lucky, Names for NewBorns, mantras for planet, bhavishya darshan by Dr. Priti Kapoor

Astrology and Metaphysics - is dedicated to helping you to understand your journey in the cosmos. Who are you? Why are you here? Such questions can be addressed through the study of age old wisdom. The study of astrology is one such means to deeper awareness. Come on a cosmic voyage through the perusal of the Foundations of Astrology series.

Beautiful Church Websites -

My Church Web Ministry designs beautiful websites loaded with powerful tools for web ministry. It is more than a web site, it is web ministry.

Best Christian Shop -

We are your premier source for today's best Christian shopping needs. Whether you are looking for clothing, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry (pendants, necklaces and mother of pearl), decor, pictures, collectibles, books, bibles, rosaries, crucifixes and Christian gifts, we carry a wide variety from some of the best Christian manufacturers.

Best Christmas Stories -

A comprehensive and well-organized Christmas stories website that focuses especially on inspirational, funny, and children's Christmas stories.

Beyond The Secret Movie -

Beyond The Secret movie previews and information about the star-studded cast of characters. Also get information about the movie premiere and the Beyond The Secret DVDs.

Biography Ministries -

Biographical profiles of todays leading Christian TV ministries and Top Christian music artists in alphabetical order.

Blood Alcohol Level -

A breathalyzer is simply a tool to aid you in making a responsible decision. The technology has advanced and the devices have become more reliable and more affordable. Breathalyzers can come in a variety of sizes and with varying capabilities.

Bread from Heaven -

Bread From Heaven: Posted each Wednesday morning, these reflections on the Psalms are a great spiritual pick-me-up.

Calgary Church -

Downtown Calgary Church is a new expression of church that seeks to create lasting community in a current and urban context.

Chat -

Chat - Chat provided by World of Chat rooms are UK based, also has web cam chat rooms, available to everyone and free to register.

Children Poems -

Providing articles, information above kids poems. Providing articles, information above kids poems. Providing articles, information above kids poems.

Chinese Astrology. -

Chinese Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny. Feng Shui home, business, corporate using Traditional Feng Shui, Flying Stars and Form School. Grand Master Raymond Lo Hong Kong, Singapore.

Christian Book Store -

Online christian book shop with one of the largest selections of christian books, bibles, music, church supplies, and home school curriculum

Christian books -

Bible, Video CD, DVD, software products, books, information, Jesus film projects, student ventures of Christian at

Christian people Dating And services -

Church people meet is free Christian dating site. Meet your love here totally free of cost.

Christian Stewardship -

To equip Christians worldwide to apply biblical principles of life and time management and personal organization; Visit | Christian Education -

Christian education is the method of transferring, developing and nurturing knowledge in a teaching-learning environment based on a Christian perspective so that students achieve both mental and spiritual growth.

Christianity for Todays Christian -

Christians Today Ministry is a bible-based ministry for Christians living in today's world. Although dates, times and people change, it is good to know that God's character never changes. We strive to provide messages based upon scripture as it pertains to the age in which we now live, the 21st Century.

Church Supplies - is an online christian book shop with one of the largest selections of christian books, bibles, music, church supplies, and home school curriculum

Communion.Net - is your complete resource on all things communion. Everything you need for your church's communion. We have First Communion covered from the invitations to the veil.

Custom Shirts - custom tailors custom made shirts and custom tailored mens' suits. Visit the online custom shirt shop, or schedule fittings for suits with MyTailor in a city near you.

Daily Horoscopes -

Receive your Daily Horoscopes, Free Daily Horoscopes, daily free horoscopes, Free Daily Horoscopes via Email, SMS and engage yourself in our free online zodiac chat to communicate with others.

Death and the Afterlife - What happens when we die? -

"The San Antonio congregation of the United Church of God. This website is intended to assist you in life’s spiritual journey with articles, audio and video topics."

Debunking of Self Help Guru -

Paul Damien provides the debunking of outrageous claim of self help gurus, love guru, paperback guru, and spiritual coach.

Dr. Samuel R. Chand - Leadership Development, Leadership Consultation and Church Health -

Sam Chand personally consults, mentors and coaches some of the country’s largest church Pastors, speaks regularly at leadership conferences, churches, corporations, Leadership Roundtables, Minister's Conferences, seminars and other leadership development opportunities.

Emo Site -

Bu site emo tutkunlarina daha fazla bilgi vermek amaci ile kurulmustur, sitede bualabileceginiz diger icerikler ise sunlardir, emo resimleri, emo neye denir

End of the World Prophecy -

There will be a one world government ruled by a dictator who is possessed by the devil at the end of the world. Laws will be changed to create a police state. The global government will control religion and individuals with implantable tracking chips.

faithlight -

For all you Christian MySpace users out there we'd like to welcome you to and encourage you to register here on for something a little more religious than MySpace or Facebook. We're a more Christian MySpace and we hope you'll feel very much at home here.

Free Buddhism Videos & Photos Sharing Website -

Watch, add or uplaod Buddhism Videos at Free online buddhism video sharing & photos community. Bible Readings -

Jimrlong is a website with inspirational thoughts-bible readings, writings by Jim long, a virtual Christian coffee house spreading the word of god and his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

Get a psychic reading -

Get a psychic reading from Psychic intuitive healers. They offer psychic readings, clairvoyant psychic intuitive readings, spiritual readings online or by phone that guides in helping clear the mind of negative thoughts and thinking to help a person better understand current life issues and relationships.

Halal Muslim Social Network, - - Muslim Social Network, the world first halal social netowrk, watch videos, upload pics, and much more.

Hope for Help with Troubled Young Adults -

The Christian Pilot Foundation Charter is to create a solid foundation for troubled young adults to go into all the world and act on bible principals to those that are in need, through professional Christian Pilot training funded by the Foundation.

How To Find Happiness -

Learning how To find happiness doesn't need to be as hard as everyone makes it sound. Learn from Andi Evans of Spread Happy how you can find your true happiness so you can enjoy life today.

Hungry Souls -

Hungry Souls is a mentoring ministry designed to meet the needs of men and women whose souls are starving. The demands of our hyperactive, materialistic society (despite the abundance of spiritual resources) often create spiritual malnourishment. Men and women frequently find themselves famished for the reality of a personal, significant and growing relationship with God.

Indian Yoga - : A right and perfect place to get help about Yoga like Definition Of Yoga - Basics & types Of Yoga with health problems - Daily health tips and many more things related to yoga.

Intuition Zone Review -

The most comprehensive resource for awakening and developing your intuition.

Investigative, Critical Studies of Sai Baba -

Views and testimonies, many issues about the self-appointed God Avatar of the Investigative and critical studies age. A self-proclaimed Man of Miracles, God Incarnate and Saviour of All Mankind and testimonies from many who have rejected him.

Jain Muni: Muni 108 Pulak Sagar Maharaj, follower of Jainism -

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Jeremy Kyle -

Jeremy Kyle show is the great noble thought of Jeremy Kyle. Various issues discussed in the show have found their deserving place at You can find out the best solution for you by going through these discussions.

Jerusalem Prayer Team -

The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team: To guard, defend and protect the Jewish people, and the Eretz Yisrael until Israel is secure, and until the redeemer comes to Zion.

Karen Mains -

Karen Mains, a prolific writer and gifted communicator, has offered her talents, as well as her joys and sorrows, to the building of God’s Kingdom.

Kundali Matching -

Kundali Matching is a process which has been carried out since vedic times in India and it is very important even today in India. Astrologer Himanshu Shangari explains various aspects of Kundali matching and his blog also offers a paid match making consultation.

Law of Attraction Blog -

This blog is about the Law of Attraction, spirituality, and self-improvement. Learn Law of Attraction tips that will help you to live your life to its fullest potential.

Learn Vietnamese Horoscope - Tu Vi – Zodiac Signs -

Have fun learning about Vietnamese Horoscope - Tu Vi – Zodiac. Discover all the history and facts about Viet Horoscopes – Tu Vi – Zodiac signs.

Life Poems About Glory -

Providing articles, information about life poems, love and life poems, sad life poems.

Life's Variety in Poetry -

This page is a place to obtain various items. Reading the information on the page will be best to find out everything offered. Please browse through and see whats there. From Crosses, Bibles, Devotionals and so many different forms of jewelry for many different religions.

Lily - Spiritual Medium -

Offering telephone psychic readings via telephone, email and face-2-face if your in Lily's area. 30+ years experience of mediumship.

Live Psychics Giving Daily Horoscopes and Free Dream Interpretation -

Psychic advice and unlikely gifts for your loved ones in the form of online psychic readings, dream interpretation, horoscopes, numerology reports, tarot card readings, and many more.

Mary Jesus Baby -

Mary and Jesus, Mother Jesus, Mary Mother Jesus, Mother of Jesus, Mary Jesus, Mary Baby, Mary Jesus Baby, Mary Had a Baby, Mother Mary

Meditation -

Osho Bhagwan shree Rajneesh meditation technique, relaxation technique, Oshodhara is a complete guide where you can read an online magazine, browse through e-books, e-learning, sannyas, meditation, relaxation, spiritualism.

Online Christian Education -

Expand your understanding of the Bible by taking free online Christian education classes. Take classes such as evangelism, worship and prophecy.

Online store for Rudraksh, gems, yantra ,lucky charms, parad and puja request -

Resource of Indian astrology with astrological remedies & products

Ouija Boards -

Provides information on Ouija boards, their use and history.

political astrology -

Astro Insight provides services based on astrology for personal and business consulting. In addition it deals with political astrology as well as mundane astrology providing the predictions of global events.

Pop Magick -

Useful information on magick, wicca, witchcraft, paganism and the occult.

Professional funeral arrangements -

Grace funeral arrangements contain a complete service based on customer options. The client can decide the music, burial or cremation, minister or celebrant and many other features.

Psychic chat online -

A psychic advisor site bringing together the top psychics specializing in everything from clairvoyant readings to chinese astrology. Come in and find out your future today.

Psychic Dinners-The Spirit Talkers -

For a different form of entertainment at your restaurant, function or resort. We can arrange a psychic entertainment package to suit. From a Psychic Medium Show, to at the table clairvoyant readers. Treat your employees and clients to mysterious and mind-blowing entertainment. Shows are suitable for any occasion: Corporate, banquets, or any event you want to make unforgettable.

Psychic Reading by Phone -

The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants offers psychic readings by telephone and email.

Psychic Readings | Online Psychics | Starsigns | Horoscopes | Numerology -

The Psychic Zone offer you guidance into any area of your life, we have specially selected and incredibly gifted readers to provide you with Psychic Readings by Phone, Email & Instant Messenging. We also offer Healers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Starsigns, Horoscopes, Astrogoly, Starsign compatibility.

Quality Astrology Reading -

Accurate and Quality Astrology Readings, Horoscope Predictions, Astrological Love Compatibility Report and more. Run by Professional and trained Astrologers Delivering Astrology At Its Best.

Read Arabic Quran, English Koran, Muslim Qur'an, online coran, Allah, Islam Islaam, Muhammed -

Quran is the central religious text of Islam. Muslims believe the Quran to be the book of divine guidance and direction for mankind. The Qur’an consists of 114 chapters of varying lengths, each known as a sura. Chapters are classed as Meccan or Medinan, depending on where the verses were revealed. Muslims believe that Muhammad, on God's command, gave the chapters their names.

Religious Study Degree -

Get Religious Study Degree from one of the top accredited online universities.

Retreat Center -

Offerings include hands-on projects, artistic classes, spiritual studies, personal development, yoga, and a lot more.

Saint Francis Animal Blessing -

The world's largest St Francis Day Animal Blessing is presented in the documentary "A Celebration of Creation". Over 1,000 pets that swim, fly, slither and walk enter New York's Cathedral of St John the Divine for this unique spectacle. Now on DVD & V

Samaritan Fundraising -

Samaritanfundraising provides fundraising help to churches, youth groups, Christian-oriented outreach groups, and Christian organizations involved in church or Christian outreach. Samaritan Card is a discount fundraising card that helps you raise money while helping donors save money at stores and restaurants.

School for the Poor Children -

When we build a school it serves as a place of education and not just preaching. Children learn to serve God and learn how to Serve Him. Reading and sharing are the keys. The Bible shows how Schools of the prophets were important. We need to do the same.

Send My Prayer -

A special Internet service for people who want to send their prayers to their deity in India. Now you can send your prayer request online to holy destinations across India. Sendmyprayer' is a special Internet service for people who are far from their favorite places of worship, but wish to make a prayer to their deity.

Sermon Series -

Sermon Series by Mainstay Ministries. Use our resources to equip your people to practice what you preach.

Shaneen Clarke -

Shaneen Clarke is a London-based international Christian speaker, Bible teacher and businesswoman.

Spiritual e-books on Christianity -

RIDE the waves of sound teaching. Dr. Leonard Cheeseborough teaches you about Christianity and healthy ways of living your life through the Word of God. Some of the books are Breaking Away From A Religious Spirit, Prophetic Evangelism, Where is My Money and others. While you are living on earth, I beg you to make the right decision today and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Sunday Solutions -

Mainstay Ministries by David Mains and Randall Mains. Helping pastors help their people grow.

Sweet Life Cafe Women's Ministry Retreats -

Host a women's ministry retreat that leaves women feeling completely nourished in their friendships with God and others. At Sweet Life Cafe' women encounter a buffet of refreshing group experiences and personal alone time with God.

The "How to" in Psychic -

Free helpful tips, hints and guidelines, when searching for the “How to” in psychic information. How to know if you are psychic. How to learn psychic abilities. How to strengthen these skills. How to unlock your talents and how to use them.

The Right Way to Pray to Manifest Desire -

Providing free e-course on Manifesting Desire Process, the fastest way to manifest your desire by prayer and law of attraction. Enjoy for FREE: manifesting partnership, iching reading, tarot reading. Be enlightened by blogs and inspirational articles.

The Third Jihad - War Against America -

The Third Jihad is a new documentary targeted towards Evangelists, Jews and Muslims. The FBI discovered a secret document which outlines the plot of the Radical Muslims to overtake America with Jihad. The movie presents a unique & chilling perspective.

Theories of Conspiracy -

Every thing you were taught to believe is wrong. History is a lie. There is a secret land of which you were not allowed to know of before.

totalbhakti - online bhajan kirtan,hindi bhajan, Bhakti sangeet,spiritual guru videos, gurumaa, yoga -

find all information and resources about Bhakti sangeet,online bhajan, bhajan mp3

Transformational Coaching -

Transformational Coaching combines traditional coaching methods with both ancient wisdom practices and new technologies to support, align and actualize one’s true life mission.

Types of Religion, Religion -

Information about different types of religion. This site provides information about different types of religion from ancient influences to modern developments. It also covers the beliefs of individual religions, from the worshipped God, gods, or spirits, to the holy books, codes and doctrines.

Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible -

The articles on this non-commercial website explore various questions about Jesus and his mission. Topics include how he performed his miracles, his relationship to Mary Magdalene, why he didn't publicly call himself the Messiah, why Pontius Pilate thought he was innocent, the real reason he was crucified, his resurrection, and why did his followers expected him to return to earth again.

vastu shastra -

Shiv Jyotish and Vastu Kendra RESOLVE any kind of problem immediately and to bring Peace and Prosperity in your Life, you must BELIEF and Understand the Value of Astrology & Vastu Shastra. Proper Vastu may bring immediate change in your life and get you rid off from all materialistic problems.

Virginia Beach Churches -

We aim to fulfill our mission by creating a caring and joyous church; people marked by love, acceptance, and forgiveness, where men and women, young and old, can come experience Jesus in simplicity and fullness.

Women's retreats -

Girlfriends Unlimited is a fresh and innovative association for women's ministry that makes it easy to attract and involve women of all ages, where they become excited about growing a relationship with God and others!

Work with Your Own Guardian Angel -

Watch the 5 on-line Angel Workshop videos as many times as you wish. I will show you exactly how simple and straightforward it is to contact, communicate and work with your Guardian Angel.

Yoga teacher training -

Offers comprehensive yoga teacher training course.Upon completing the course as a Yogahaven Teacher, graduate will have obtained all the skills needed to teach a wide range of yoga classes catering to different markets and students.