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Behind the Hype Pop Culture Reviews & Social Commentary - http://www.behindthehype.com

Behind the Hype offers honest reviews of today's pop culture and social commentary. Our writing staff is comprised of witty, intelligent amateur writers that are never afraid to give their honest take. We update daily, so come back often.

Gamersland.com - free downloads, screenshots, gamevideos, reviews,previews - http://www.gamersland.com/

Find, ps3games, pcgames, gamevideos, screenshots, xbox360, demos, PSP, NDS, reviews, previews, cheats, freegames, freedownloads, fps, wii nintendo, game videos, cheats, Nintendo Wii at gamersland.com

Learn Guitar Software - http://www.bestguitarsoftware.com

Featuring reviews of the best guitar software and DVD courses around today. How to find the best "learn guitar" software and DVDs for your guitar-learning needs.

SoulEater7.com - http://souleater7.com

Your Source for downloading episodes, manga of the anime Soul Eater!

The best reviews of Bollywood movies and music - http://www.bollykings.com

Get the best reviews, news and scoops about currently released and upcoming Hindi movies and music albums. Watch trailers and listen to music for free

Video Game Blog - http://www.eandaen.com

News, information and discussions on topics relating to gaming - includes game reviews, tips and general gaming industry insight.

Xbox 360 Walk Throughs, Hints and Game Guides - http://www.xboxdoctor.com

Free Xbox and xbox 360 walk throughs, hints, cheats and tips for the xbox and top games. Plus articles on fixes for problems and sources of cheap games and backup services.