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American English Pronunciation -

PronouncePro is an American English Pronunciation learning method for ESL/EFL learners with Audio CD and Illustrated Mouth Diagrams Book. Learn American English Pronunciation easily, quickly and confidently with this proven English Pronunciation learning system.

Anna Rivera's Learn-Spanish Product Reviews -

Anna Rivera keeps you updated with the best learning Spanish products, free online Spanish lessons and more learning-Spanish resources by making reviews of all the popular learning-Spanish courses for learning Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.

Buenos Aires Spanish Schools -

Spanish immersion schools in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires

Dictionar englez roman -

asistenta dorita de dumneavoastra in materie de Limba Engleza. Dictionar englez-roman-englez cu o vasta baza de cuvinte (peste 100.000); dictionar de expresii, cursuri, lectii si exercitii online, toate la dispozitia dumneavoastra. Util in aceesi masura pentru incepatori, amatori dar si cunoscatori.

English Courses Ireland -

Horner School offers English courses at all levels, from beginners to advanced, right in the heart of Dublin. A wide range of courses available, all with experienced and motivated teachers.

English Language Schools in UK - is a leading search engine to enable students to compare and choose the right English Language Schools and English Language Courses in Brighton, York, Oxford, Cambridge, London, and other major cities in England, UK.

English Language training in Jakarta -

AIM offers a full range of exclusive, customised English language programs for Indonesians. Specialists in Business English, academic English and English test preparation courses.

Excel English schools -

Excel English School - Callan Method Located in Silom, our goal is to help our students communicate using English – in a fun, fast and easy manner based on proven language learning principles. We want results for our students, not smoke and mirrors.

Fluent Spanish Courses -

Maybe you are getting ready to apply for a job that requires you to speak Spanish. Maybe you're going on a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country and you want to learn Spanish fast so you can enjoy the experience more. There are a few different ways you can learn to speak Spanish without having to spend months or years in a classroom or by using overcomplicated lessons.

Georgian Language courses in Tbilisi, Georgia -

Georgian Language Course For Everybody is specially organized for international people, who are interested in learning Georgian Language in Tbilisi and be familiarized with Georgian culture.

Italian language school in Italy -

Our language school is part of International House, an organisation of 120 language schools.Dilit offers courses of Italian in Rome.

Italian Learn to Speak -

Italian Learn to Speak is a website that provides objective reviews on the best Italian language software of 2009.

Language Coach - German Lessons -

German Language Coach is a leading London-based skills consultancy offering on-site German lessons. We offer individual, group, and intensive lessons. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn German, we can structure a course for you.

Language immersion - is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great about your language immersion and your study abroad program.

Language School Reviews -

This website lists UK Language Schools, local Language Schools and includes a Language School search. On our website you can rate and even review your local Language School. The Language Schools listed offer a variety of language courses from part-time and private lessons to full-time intensive and immersion courses. The Language Schools provide language training and courses for beginners and advanced students who want to learn English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and more.

Learn Arabic Online -

Internet site containing large repository of tutorials on aspects of the Arabic language, including grammar, reading, writing and classical Arabic poetry.

Learn Chinese Online - learn chinese in 45 days -

Learn Chinese Online today, learn how to speak chinese in 45 days Guaranteed result with Chinese Language expert Jayden Yap and find out how you can be like him!

Learn English Online | Talking Bees -

Talking bees is the premiere web site for online English Learning.This website offers you different English learning packages for Beginners�, Intermediate, Advanced learners. They also have Business,Corporate,Sales,Marketing,Medical & Technical English Courses.

Learn Italian Language -

Learn Italian in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better Italian language memorization.

Learn Italian Language Online -

Learn Italian Language Online is a website that reviews the most popular and best Italian language software of 2009.

Learn japanese online -

Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre is a subsidiary company of a well established decade old public listed software company which has a successful track record of delivering software services & products to its clients in Far East and Japan. A synergistic offshoot of this sustained focus has been the skill we have in Japanese language.

Learn Language Skills - brings you the most efficient and useful ways to learn almost any foreign language you want. We provide you information on the most common and popular languages of the world. Here, you will find every thing you need to learn a foreign language, from tips, techniques and methods to language software. There is also a forum where you can post your question and get answers from experts about learning any new language.

Learn Spanish at our Spanish School -

Learn Spanish at our Spanish school in buenos Aires: Spanish courses, volunteer work, tours. Also Spanish lessons in Bariloche and Cusco Peru

Learn Spanish Easy -

Learn Spanish in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better Spanish language memorization.

Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru -

Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru at Koricancha Spanish Language School.

Learn Spanish in Lima -

Spanish language courses, programs and lessons in Peru, in Lima city.

Learn That Language Now: Foreign Languages -

Ready to start learning a new foreign language? Great. We offer free quizzes, tricks, methods and techniques to have you learning a new language even faster than ever. If you are learning a new language, you need to check this out.

Learning French -

Learn French in just 20 minutes each day. Memory improvement books and memory game software for better French language memorization.

LTC, Language Teaching Centre -

LTC, Language Teaching Centre, is an international language school offering English(ESL) courses, Business English for groups and individuals, TOEFL and Cambridge Exams, accommodation, trips, tours and Safaris.

Mandarin Language Programs In China -

China study abroad is a comprehensive, affordable, service-oriented study abroad company offering study in China, learn and speck chinese language, mandarin language programs in china, stury programs for summer, spring, fall and winter.

Rocket Spanish | RocketSpanish -

I stumbled upon Rocket Spanish and decided that people should really know what this language program is all about.

Second Language Reviews -

Second Language Reviews is a website that provides objective reports, including consumer feedback, on the most effective second language learning programs available today.

Spanish Classes in Quito, Ecuador -

Yanapuma Spanish school offers professional Spanish study in Quito. All profits support the sustainable development projects of Yanapuma Foundation. Cultural, volunteering, study and travel, medical and online Spanish, study in an indigenous community.

Spanish Language CD -

Spanish Language CD is an online website that provides objective reviews of the best Spanish Language software of 2009.

Spanish language courses in Spain Spanish intensive courses learn Spanish -

Spanish language courses in Spain Spanish courses Spain Spanish language school learn Spanish Malaga,Spanish-language-courses in Barcelona, Spanish-courses-Granada,Spanish in Alicante, Salamanca, Sevilla language schools

study Chinese in China -

Study Mandarin Chinese in China at Binzhou university. Many training courses are available like professionnal Mandarin Chinese bachelor’s degree who offers many job opportunities.

Transglobal German Language Training Limited -

Transglobal will teach you another language for your business needs. Transglobal provide business language training for French, German, Spanish Chinese and Japanese. We are also offer expert language translation French and German.

U-Learn Dublin English School -

U-Learn is a Dublin English school that provides close, personal attention in small groups. Our teachers are well experienced and very friendly. We offer great special offers to allow you learn at great rates. U-Learn is an ACELS recognized school.